At the clinic we can perform a range of dental procedures including scale and polishes, extractions, and tooth root abscess treatment. Often, teeth can be past their saving date, and your pet is far better off without them at this stage.

The most common procedure performed is a dental scale and polish. This procedure involves your pet going under general anaesthetic. This is necessary because cats and dogs do not keep still and will not keep their mouths open for long periods of time. Sometimes they bite and can potentially destroy dental equipment.

Tartar is removed using a ultrasonic dental scaler. The tip of the instrument vibrates very quickly and breaks up the tartar so it can be removed easily. We can also remove the plaque and bacteria from under the gums that cause the gingivitis. If a tooth is badly decayed it may need to be removed.

Antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain killers are given if required.

Referral  to  dental  specialists   is  available  if you'd  like   a crown or  a  root  canal repair  to   fix  broken  teeth 

If you have an Emergency with your pet during our closed hours please see under Services  page   for a list Emergency clinics in Auckland.

Please do not go to the emergency clinic if it is not urgent/life threatening. ( Runny eyes/nose , coughing , limping , itching & etc can wait until the morning to be seen by our day vet ) 

If you are very worried or unsure if you are dealing with an emergency about your pet after clinic hours and you are a client with us you can reach Dr Chris on his emergency phone until 10pm or again from 7am each  day 

 - Dr Chris Laurenson - 027 544 4427 


Normanby Road Vet Clinic

Normanby Road Vet Clinic offers a range of friendly and professional vet services for cats, dogs and other animals. From vaccinations to microchipping and even surgeries, we can help your pets remain happy and healthy. Our clinic is easily accessible from all areas of Auckland.