Titre Testing

What is a Titre Test?
“Titre” is a term used to describe and measure the level of protective antibodies (disease-fighting immunity proteins which are produced in immunised animals) in the blood.

Protective antibodies (the body’s disease fighting mechanism or immune system) in the blood are produced in one of two ways:

  • When a virus or bacteria invades the body
  • When a vaccination is administered

What does a Titre test prove?
If the titre test is positive then your pet is protected from that disease and there is no need to re-vaccinate your dog against the disease.

Until recently, this was a relatively expensive test, with an answer from a lab obtained days later. We are able to provide a rapid, inexpensive, in clinic test.  This  is very   similar to  a  covid  test .

During your dog’s annual health check a blood sample is taken and tested at the clinic. If the test shows your dog is still protected then another vaccination will not be needed. However,  we  recommend your dog is vaccinated against Canine (Kennel) Cough and Leptospirosis with boosters for these diseases  given annually, as the DOI (duration of immunity) for these products is generally one year or less.

The titre blood test should be repeated every 3 years to check if your dog needs to be vaccinated for CDV (Canine Distemper Virus) and CPV (Canine Parvo Virus) ,  and  to provide  proof to  kennels  and   day care  operators .

If you have an Emergency with your pet during our closed hours please see under Services  page   for a list Emergency clinics in Auckland.

Please do not go to the emergency clinic if it is not urgent/life threatening. ( Runny eyes/nose , coughing , limping , itching & etc can wait until the morning to be seen by our day vet ) 

If you are very worried or unsure if you are dealing with an emergency about your pet after clinic hours and you are a client with us you can reach Dr Chris on his emergency phone until 10pm or again from 7am each  day 

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