Pet Goes Missing

  • Call the Auckland city council  09 301 0101 (for dogs) and check on their website here
  • Make a listing on (it’s free to make a listing and the SPCA uses this website to list all found animals)
  • Make a listing on trademe (lost and found animals section)  
  • and one of the many lost pet Facebook groups.
  • Call or email around vet clinics, remember some cats can wander quite far or jump in the back of cars so contact vet clinics Auckland wide starting locally.
  • Make a flyer to put in your neighbours letterboxes as a lot of time pets can get locked in garages, sheds etc
  • Make sure your pets microchip is registered on the NZ Companion Animal Registry or if they are already registered make sure your contact details listed are up to date. We can update and register them for you from the clinic. By law all dogs (exception dogs used wholly for herding or driving livestock ) registered for the first time after 1 July 2006 need to be microchipped. We highly recommend you microchip your cat, as it works as a internal name tag of such and makes reuniting a lost cat with it’s owner a lot easier .

If you have an Emergency with your pet during our closed hours please see under Services  page   for a list Emergency clinics in Auckland.

Please do not go to the emergency clinic if it is not urgent/life threatening. ( Runny eyes/nose , coughing , limping , itching & etc can wait until the morning to be seen by our day vet ) 

If you are very worried or unsure if you are dealing with an emergency about your pet after clinic hours and you are a client with us you can reach Dr Chris on his emergency phone until 10pm or again from 7am each  day 

 - Dr Chris Laurenson - 027 544 4427 


Normanby Road Vet Clinic

Normanby Road Vet Clinic offers a range of friendly and professional vet services for cats, dogs and other animals. From vaccinations to microchipping and even surgeries, we can help your pets remain happy and healthy. Our clinic is easily accessible from all areas of Auckland.